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I just wanted you to know that I love you.

Sometimes I put stuff on this page

I had a good time with you at Georgia Blue. Turnip Bites are always good. Dynamite shrimp are top notch. I know you have made turnip bites and they were good... but what you made that I really liked was the egg rolls

The beer

The Andygator is a Helles Doppelbock... Helles meaning light colored... and double goat? apparently, the monks of Paula in berlin brewed this to drink while they were fasting. Do realize how strange that sounds? We brewed special beer so we can still drink while we're fasting. Catholics. What I read was "bock" is probably a corruption of Einbeck, which was center for brewing in Germany. There are crazy images and labels playing on the image of the goat. Again... I thought the goat was the sign of the devil? Catholics. The beer is supposed to be substantial and they called it liquid bread. They also named theirs Salavator...literally "saviour"???? it's like they don't know how to read or comprehend scripture. Nobody else can use that name but the tradition is to use -ator on the end. So you have the play on that with Andyg-ator. Sweet and strong... I liked it.

The german chocolate stout?

I could taste the hints of coconut and coco. I thought it was good, but I not sure what it should be paired with.... Should I have it with a piece of pie? or cookies? or maybe something really spicy?